How was the project born?

take the bike ferry - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travel

After having used our tyres on the roads of France, always in search of the most scenic routes, we felt the urge to go see what’s out there further afield …

Our first major motorcycle travel experience took us to Sweden. It also gave us the virus that never left us, and since then we have travelled the roads of Europe from the far North to the South of Greece, from Ireland to Austria...

Our last big trip, the destination of which was the Peloponnesus, made us feel yet again the urge to share our experience.


Thus at the beginning of 2010 we have both decided to give up on our jobs (in the industrial and social sector respectively) in order to invest all our time and energy into setting up a travel agency for motorcycle lovers.


Today our project is to ride at your side and make you to discover the destinations that we have enjoyed the most.