Reasons for travelling with Itinéraires évasion

group of bikers in the Alps - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travel

  • the guarantee of travelling with an agency
  • assistance and company, efficient but discreet
  • peace of mind
  • the expertise of the roads and of road trips of a couple of experienced motorcycle travellers
  • our presence to help and guide you during the whole trip
  • prior experience of the region or the country
  • itineraries made and tested with care that can be uploaded on GPS
  • the company of a small group
  • a journey (as opposed to a stay)
  • a well-adapted pace with carefully-studies riding times
  • a shared experience between driver and passenger
  • time for breaks and suggested visits of sites of tourist interest
  • visits included
  • diversified accommodation, well-adapted to motorcycle travellers
  • a more authentic kind of travelling, which includes meeting and talking to people and/or motorcycle lovers in the regions or countries travelled to
  • the certainty of a successful trip