Who are we?

Chantal and Pierre Moraël, Couple motorcycle enthusiast - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travel

Chantal, passenger on a motorcycle - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travelPierre, motorcycle rider - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travel

on the road bike - Travel agency specialised in guided motorcycle travel

We are a couple who fell in love with travelling and motorcycles.



"I got my motorcycle driving licence when I was 17 on my own motorcycle: a Norton 650 SS. As an amateur, I took part in coast races on a Suzuki T 250 and later in the ‘promos sport’ on a Yamaha 350 RDLC.
Life made it so that I stopped riding motorcycles for more than 15 years. The children grew up and then left home…and then I decided to buy another motorcycle. As a fan of British vehicles, I bought a Triumph sprint ST and we immediately jumped on it and drove to Sweden.

Impressed by the technical progress that transformed motorcycles, I rediscovered them from a different, more mature perspective. I now enjoy driving at a calmer pace.


In order to live exceptional sensations again, I drove on circuit with Nicolas DUSSAUGES on the circuit in ALES, with Dominique SARRON and Cyril HUVIER on the circuit of ISSOIRE, and I have enjoyed a short session with Bruno BONHUIL on the circuit of Mas-du-clos as part of the "Triumph Days".


We still own the Triumph because parting with it would have been unbearable; but in September 2008 we have invested in a BMW K1200 GT for its exceptional technology and excellent behaviour on the road… and last but not least, for the comfort of my passenger!"



"I never felt the urge to get a motorcycle driving licence and decided to remain forever a passenger … and proud to be one!
In the beginning it wasn’t easy because back then I had to ride sitting on the back rest … so when Pierre decided to buy a new motorcycle, I looked out for my own comfort and I immediately appreciated the life-changing ‘gel’ seat of the Sprint … And my comfort further improved with the BMW, what more can I ask for?!

Discovering a country by motorcycle is really a different experience; I can not only take photos while riding, but I can also catch special glimpses of life and live magical moments.
The feeling of freedom, the wind blowing past, the smells, the different perspective on sights… this is what make me love motorcycle journeys.

Now that I got the hang of how I need to pack my case, I am always ready to leave on a new motorcycle trip! In fact I could give you a few tips from my experience as a passenger …"


As for Magali, who decided to join us in this adventure, she is in charge of communication



"I am Pierre et Chantal’s daughter.

Motorcycles, so special to my parents, have an important place in my memories; I can recall the "circuit" week-ends that we enjoyed as a family…
For the time being I have decided to dedicate my time to my own family, so I have not yet succumbed to the pleasures of riding motorcycles.

What I am sure of is the passion and professionalism that my parents invest in this adventure, and that is why I have decided to be part of it."